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3 Reasons Museum Stores Across America Love Wholesale Boma Jewelry

Why Museum Retail Stores Choose Boma Jewelry Wholesale: A Trusted Partner Since 1981

For over four decades, Boma Jewelry has been a premier wholesale supplier of artful, unique, and whimsical jewelry pieces to museum retail stores across the United States. Established in 1981, Boma Jewelry has built a reputation for excellence and creativity, making it the go-to wholesaler for museum stores looking to offer their customers high-quality and distinctive jewelry. Here’s why Boma Jewelry stands out as the ideal partner for museum retail owners.

A Legacy of Trust and Quality

Boma Jewelry is not only a family-owned business but also a B Corp certified company that has been trusted by museums and retailers since 1981. Our long-standing relationships with museum stores are testament to our commitment to quality, reliability, and ethical practices. We understand the unique needs of museum retail spaces and provide jewelry that complements and enhances the cultural and artistic experience offered by your institution.

Monthly New Designs to Captivate Your Customers

One of the hallmarks of Boma Jewelry is our commitment to creativity and innovation. Each month, we introduce new designs to our catalog, ensuring that our museum partners always have fresh and appealing jewelry to offer their visitors. Whether your customers are attracted to something artful and unique, or prefer pieces that are fun and whimsical, Boma Jewelry has something to catch everyone’s eye.

Our designers draw inspiration from a wide range of sources, often aligning with the thematic elements and exhibitions showcased in museums. This synergy allows museum stores to offer products that are not just accessories but also extensions of the cultural and educational experience provided by the museum.

High-Quality Products with Attractive Price Points

Boma Jewelry prides itself on crafting pieces that are not only beautiful but also made to the highest quality standards. Our products are designed with sustainability in mind, using recycled materials and ethical manufacturing practices. This commitment to quality ensures that the jewelry not only meets but exceeds the expectations of museum-goers who are often looking for meaningful and lasting mementos.

In addition to quality, we offer our pieces at wholesale prices that allow for significant retail markups. With retail price ranges from $20 to $120 and suggested markups of 2.5 to 3 times, museum stores can achieve excellent profit margins while providing great value to their customers. This pricing strategy makes Boma Jewelry an economically smart choice for enhancing the profitability of your retail space.


Choosing Boma Jewelry as your wholesale retailer means partnering with a company that values artistry, quality, and ethical practices as much as you do. Our ever-evolving range of jewelry, commitment to sustainability, and advantageous pricing model make us the ideal choice for museum stores looking to offer their visitors something truly special.

If you're seeking a reliable, creative, and trustworthy jewelry wholesale partner, look no further than Boma Jewelry. Let us help you delight your customers and contribute to a memorable museum experience with our exquisite and thoughtfully made jewelry. Join the many museums that trust Boma Jewelry, and bring a touch of artistry to your retail offerings.

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