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5 Things That Make Boma America's Favorite Jewelry Wholesaler

Boma Jewelry Wholesale Blog What Makes Boma A Favorite

(Above: Charm pendants including the North Star charm, Peace Always Charm, and Take Heart Charm).

Welcome to Boma Jewelry Wholesale: Your Trusted Jewelry Partner 

At Boma Jewelry Wholesale, we understand that choosing the right jewelry supplier is crucial for your business's success. As a proud B Corp certified company with an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau, we're not just committed to crafting beautiful, sustainable jewelry—we're dedicated to supporting our retail partners with exceptional benefits designed to elevate your business. Here are the top five reasons why thousands of retailers have partnered with us throughout our 43 year history, with some retailers working with us for over two and three decades! 

Boma Jewelry Wholesale Blog Wrap Pull Throughs

(Above: Newly launched Wrap Pull Through earrings available in 14K Gold, Sterling Silver, with Stones).

1. Unique, Exciting, New Product Launches

Boma Jewelry Wholesale Blog Monthly LaunchesNew Launches & Promotions

Every first Monday of the month, we launch new designs that give our retailers a mix of new, fresh trends and expanded best sellers that keep your customers coming back to you. Make sure that you are signed up on our email newsletter so that you're the first to know about new launches and limited promotions or VIP flash sales.

Boma Jewelry Wholesale Blog Hand Drawn ProcessOur commitment to creativity and on-trend design ensures that our product offerings are constantly refreshed with unique pieces that delight and attract customers. New collections are designed by our in-house team of jewelry designers and merchandisers who study trends from all over the globe to reflect the latest styles, making it easy for you to always have something new and fresh in your store. Our longstanding retailers love that their customers have a reason to come back and see what's new which helps boost customer retention and encourages repeat visits.

Unique Designs with Details

It's easy to find basic jewelry and styles on websites like Alibaba, but it doesn't mean that the quality or the uniqueness of the design will capture and delight your customers. Also, the problem with trendy jewelry that's not made to last is that it won't lead to return customers in the long-run. At Boma, we focus on the quality of a design and use our 40+ years of experience to make our version of a simple hoop or a dainty flower stud the very best one in the market balancing quality, affordability, and sustainability.

2. Fast Shipping From the USA

Boma Jewelry Wholesale Blog Fast Shipping from USA

While we are a factory-direct wholesaler, our head office is located in Seattle, Washington, where we were founded in 1981. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide fast and reliable shipping across the United States for your convenience. You can expect your products to arrive promptly, thanks to our efficient distribution process. This swift service minimizes wait times, helping you keep your displays stocked and vibrant.

3. Factory-Direct = Best Overall Value

Low Minimums & Easy Re-Orders:

When you buy from Boma, you're essentially buying from the source. Boma has been the manufacturer for large retailers including Blue Nile, Starbucks, and American Eagle and we have the experience of creating unique designs at high-quality. Because you've come directly to the source, you receive the benefits of buying high-quality jewelry without the hassles of large volume orders or needing to deal with customs or import fees. 

Agile and Fast-Moving Inventory

Today, when retailers need to be smart and swift about the products they keep in store and ensure they do not carry too much product, Boma allows you to have the convenience of low minimum orders that you restock frequently. When you find out what customers love, you can create an order from your phone. We make it easy for you to order and re-order online. 

Quality & Customer Satisfaction

Overall, by working with Boma you receive the best high-quality products at a fair price. Boma specializes in 925 sterling silver, not costume jewelry. In our price point, many competitors are selling base metal or costume jewelry that's not likely to stand the test of time. While these costume pieces provide an upfront attractive price, the real long-term problem is that over time, quality catches up to retailers and the headache of returns or unsatisfied customers isn't worth the cost of cutting on quality. Our experienced retailers know that providing products that makes a new customer become a return customer is key. Our 43-year track record has shown that we're a trusted and reliable source that prioritizes the quality of our products.

4. Fulfillment Services & Promos


Boma provides a pre-pricing service to customers to avoid the headache of individually pricing each product once it arrives to your store. We charge $0.15 per priced item and you can add this service to your order by selecting the pre-price product and including the total # of items you would like to have pre-priced. Read our article on how to setup pre-pricing for your account.

(Above: Boma provides a pre-pricing service to customers. Contact our customer service team at to setup a pre-pricing standard for your account.

Free Shipping Promotion

Did you know you can get free ground shipping on orders paid on checkout that are over $1,000? Additionally, our shipping fees are reasonably priced providing flexibility that's ideal for businesses of all sizes, from small boutiques to larger retail operations. Use the code: LOVEBOMA to redeem this promo on every order that qualifies.

5. Expert Customer Service and Sustainability

Boma Jewelry Wholesale Blog ArtisansWe Make Your Jewelry

Our customer service team brings decades of experience and a deep understanding of both our products and the needs of retailers. Friendly and knowledgeable, they're here to assist with any queries, offer product recommendations, and ensure you get the most out of our partnership. As a trusted and sustainable brand, we appeal to the new and next generation of consumers who prioritize ethical production and environmental responsibility. Our B Corp certification is a testament to our commitment to high social and environmental standards.

Boma Jewelry Wholesale Blog Warranty Cards

(Above: Retailers can request warranty cards that provide reassurance to customers when purchasing their jewelry. Please note charges may apply).


Choosing Boma Jewelry Wholesale means partnering with a supplier who offers more than just high-quality jewelry. We provide a comprehensive, retailer-friendly service designed to make your business thrive. With our appealing product launches, expedient shipping, direct wholesale benefits, supportive customer service, and sustainable practices, Boma Jewelry is equipped to be your preferred jewelry supplier.

Explore the possibilities with Boma Jewelry Wholesale and discover how our partnership can bring lasting benefits to your business. Let's create beautiful retail experiences together, driven by quality, innovation, and sustainability.

Suzanne Vetillart is a second generation owner of family-owned Boma Jewelry. Boma Jewelry was founded in Seattle in 1981. Learn more about story here.

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