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A Guide to Boma's Display Program

Boma Jewelry Wholesale Blog Display Program

Enhance Your Retail Space with Boma Jewelry Wholesale’s Versatile Display Program

At Boma Jewelry Wholesale, we understand that presentation is just as crucial as the product. As a sustainable, B Corp certified wholesaler, we are committed not only to providing beautiful, high-quality jewelry but also to ensuring that our retail partners have everything they need to showcase these pieces effectively. Our versatile display program is designed to accommodate a range of retail spaces and styles, ensuring that every piece of Boma Jewelry is presented in a way that enhances both its visibility and allure. Here’s a closer look at the options we offer and how they can benefit your store.

Large Display Units:

Ideal for retailers with a broad selection of Boma Jewelry, our large display units can accommodate up to 288 carded pieces of jewelry. This option is perfect for making a significant impact, allowing customers to view a wide array of our sustainable products at a glance. The large display is designed to be both eye-catching and functional, making it easy for customers to spin and browse and select their favorite pieces. This display comes in two styles, with acrylic doors that lock and without doors. 

Small Spinner Display:

For those with more limited space or looking for a compact solution, our spinner display racks are an excellent choice. These displays can hold about 120 pieces of jewelry, offering a good balance between variety and space efficiency. The rotating design ensures that customers have access to all sides, making the most of the retail area while providing excellent visibility for the jewelry.

Wood Tray Displays:

Specifically designed for new retailers or those with smaller collections, our wood tray displays can hold 80 small earring studs. This option is particularly recommended for those just starting out or looking to introduce a curated selection of Boma Jewelry. The wood tray adds a warm, organic touch to the presentation, aligning beautifully with our commitment to sustainability and natural aesthetics.

Enhanced Retail Experience with Care Products

To ensure that customers enjoy their purchases for years to come, we also provide a range of care products that retailers can offer. These include:

Polishing Cloths:

High-quality cloths designed to keep silver jewelry looking its best, these can be sold as an add-on or provided as a complimentary service with certain purchases.

Anti-Tarnish Kits:

To further aid in the care and maintenance of the jewelry, our anti-tarnish kits are an essential offering, helping to extend the life and luster of each piece.

Warranty Cards:

Some retailers provide a warranty card for every customer's purchase of Boma Jewelry. This provides trust and reassurance to customers that if they need any assistance with their jewelry post-purchase, they'll get the help and service needed. These cards not only provide peace of mind but also emphasize the durability and craftsmanship of our products.


By choosing Boma Jewelry Wholesale’s display program, you not only enhance your store’s aesthetic but also provide a shopping experience that reflects care, quality, and sustainability. Our display solutions cater to a variety of space and style needs, ensuring that every retailer can find a fit that best showcases the unique beauty of Boma Jewelry. Coupled with our dedicated care products, these displays help build customer loyalty and satisfaction, making Boma Jewelry a beloved part of their collection. Explore these options today and see how they can transform your retail space and elevate your customer’s experience

Suzanne Vetillart is a second generation owner of family-owned Boma Jewelry. Boma Jewelry was founded in Seattle in 1981. Learn more about story here.

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