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5 Things You Should Know About Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver: 5 Amazing Qualities About this Under the Radar Jewelry Material

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Whether you are an experienced retailer who has been selling jewelry for years or a boutique store owner who wants to explore adding jewelry to your assortment, learning some jewelry fundamentals are a great way to find out what jewelry products and materials are best for your store as trends change and consumer demands evolve.

The Opaque Jewelry World

To be frank, the jewelry world continues to be pretty old fashioned and at times very confusing. As a jewelry insider, we know that many customers have difficulty to differentiate between quality materials, and don't totally understand the difference between costume vs fine jewelry. The reason for this is that it benefits brands who sell costume jewelry to create confusion in the industry. Unfortunately, this often leads to low quality and disappointed shoppers and this doesn't sit right with us.

In this article, we'll cover what retailers need to know about a material that we've been selling for over four decades that has always had value and meaning to societies dating back to pre-history.

All About Sterling Silver

Sterling silver is a standout choice among fine jewelry options for its versatility, quality, and customer appeal. Here are five essential aspects of sterling silver that you should know, explaining why it's such a fantastic product and how it can help foster customer loyalty and encourage repeat business in your store:

Durability and Longevity:

Sterling silver is an alloy, typically composed of 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metals, usually copper. This composition imbues sterling silver with greater strength and durability compared to pure silver, making it ideal for everyday wear. Jewelry made from sterling silver can last a lifetime with proper care, which is a significant selling point for customers looking for longevity in their purchases. To identify 925 sterling silver, look for the "925" hallmarks.

Boma Jewelry Wholesale Blog Hallmarks

Hypoallergenic Properties:

One of the significant benefits of sterling silver is that it's generally hypoallergenic. Unlike costume jewelry that often contains nickel and can cause allergic reactions, sterling silver does not usually cause skin irritation, making it suitable for sensitive skin. Highlighting this aspect can help attract customers who are cautious about allergies, increasing their trust and likelihood of repeat purchases.

Boma Jewelry Wholesale Blog Safe for Sensitive Skin

Ease of Maintenance:

While sterling silver can tarnish over time when exposed to air and moisture, it is easy to clean and maintain. Polishing cloths, mild soap, and water can quickly restore its original luster. Offering simple care tips and cleaning kits can provide added value to your customers, enhancing their overall satisfaction and encouraging them to return to your store for future jewelry needs.

Affordability and Value:

For many retailers, this is the #1 reason they choose to sell sterling silver jewelry. Sterling silver offers an excellent balance between quality and cost, making it an accessible option for a wide range of customers. It provides the look and feel of more expensive metals like white gold and platinum at a fraction of the price. By stocking sterling silver, you can cater to budget-conscious customers who do not want to compromise on the quality and style of their jewelry, helping to build a loyal customer base. Compared to the other 3 precious metals: gold, platinum, and palladium, silver is by far the most affordable precious metal.

Boma Jewelry Wholesale Blog Precious Metals Chart

Versatility in Style:

Sterling silver is incredibly versatile and can be crafted into almost any jewelry design, from classic to contemporary. Its neutral white metallic color makes it easy to pair with a multitude of gemstones and clothing styles, appealing to a diverse customer base. By offering a wide range of sterling silver pieces, you can cater to various tastes and preferences, ensuring that every customer finds something they love in your store.

Browse some of Boma's original production pieces from our Vintage Collection below to show this versatility of style with plain silver or with intricate stones.

Boma Jewelry vintage styles
(Above: Styles from our Vintage Collection including the Oval-Shaped 2 Stone Mosaic dangle earrings). 
Boma Jewelry Wholesale Blog Vintage Collection with Turquoise

(Above: Sterling Silver has an optimal balance of hardness and malleability that allows for an infinite amount of designs to be created. Shown above are styles from our Vintage Collection including the Ornate Byzantine Pendant with a lot of detailed handiwork).


By understanding and conveying the benefits of sterling silver to your customers, you can position your store as a reputable source for high-quality, durable, and stylish jewelry. This knowledge not only enhances customer trust but also encourages repeat visits, as customers will appreciate the value and service they receive. Investing in sterling silver jewelry is an excellent way to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty, essential ingredients for a successful retail business.

Suzanne Vetillart is a second generation owner of family-owned Boma Jewelry. Boma Jewelry was founded in Seattle in 1981. Learn more about story here.

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