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Why America's Zoos Love Wholesale Boma Jewelry for Their Retail Stores

Enhance Your Zoo Retail Store with Boma Jewelry: A Wildly Appealing Choice

For zoo retail store owners looking to captivate and enchant their visitors with more than just memories, Boma Jewelry offers a unique and delightful addition to your merchandise mix. Since 1981, Boma Jewelry, a family-owned wholesale retailer, has been adorning museums, zoos, and aquariums with our exceptional range of jewelry, especially celebrated for our animal, creature, and mammal designs. Here's why choosing Boma Jewelry will benefit your zoo retail store and provide your visitors with charming keepsakes.

A Trusted Partner Since 1981

Boma Jewelry has built a reputable legacy over the decades as a provider of fun, high-quality jewelry. We've become a favorite among institutions like zoos and aquariums thanks to our commitment to capturing the natural world in our designs. As a family-owned business, we understand the importance of lasting relationships and work closely with our partners to ensure their retail offerings are successful and appealing.

Monthly New Designs to Delight

We believe in keeping our collections fresh and exciting. Each month, Boma Jewelry introduces new designs that capture the hearts of animal lovers and jewelry enthusiasts alike. Whether your visitors are looking for something trendy and topical or simply a cute and whimsical reminder of their zoo experience, our jewelry pieces are perfect for anyone wanting to take a piece of their visit home.

Our designs range from the majestic to the miniature, with best-selling animals and mammals like birds, dolphins, insects, bears, and dogs. These designs not only resonate with your visitors' experiences at the zoo but also serve as beautiful, tangible memories they can wear and cherish.

Simple and Accessible Ordering

At Boma Jewelry, we streamline the purchasing process, making it easy for zoo retail store owners to order from our extensive catalog without needing extensive merchandising expertise. Our user-friendly online ordering system allows you to browse, select, and purchase high-quality jewelry with ease, ensuring that your store remains stocked with attractive products.

Affordable Luxury with Excellent Margins

We offer our jewelry at wholesale prices that allow for significant retail markups of 2.5 to 3 times, with pieces ranging from $20 to $120. This pricing strategy ensures that zoo retail stores can enjoy robust profit margins while providing great value to visitors. Our jewelry is designed to be accessible, allowing every guest the opportunity to purchase a high-quality memento.

Why Boma Jewelry is Ideal for Zoo Retail Stores

Choosing Boma Jewelry means selecting a supplier that values the beauty of the natural world and strives to embody this in every piece. Our jewelry is more than just accessories; it's a celebration of wildlife and nature, designed to keep the spirit of your zoo alive in the hearts of your visitors long after their trip.

Join us at Boma Jewelry and discover how our animal-themed collections can transform your retail space, enhance your guests' experiences, and contribute to the magical atmosphere of your zoo. Let’s make every visit memorable with beautifully crafted jewelry that tells a story of adventure and conservation.

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